How do the best brands sell?

Through innovation and marketing.
A quick reminder: Peter Drucker gave birth to an incredibly empowering idea that every business has only two functions that create value—marketing and innovation. Now-famous Dyson vacuum cleaners are an excellent case in point: They’ve designed and delivered a genuine promise compellingly through innovation and marketing.

What unifies all innovative ideas since the beginning of time? Are you seeing it too?
The essence of all innovative ideas is simple: they tend to offer a remarkable value to the end user.

You can be innovative even if you are running a very small business in a super competitive industry.
But don’t take my word for it—one of the stories I share in my ebook Are You a Sales Phobic is about a US based entrepreneur who became super-succesful through a conceptual innovation—the kind of innovation that often costs essentially nothing but which can bring handsome profitable growth.

I decided to share that story because I wanted to encourage the reader to see the whole concept of innovation in a different light. Innovation is not just reserved for high-tech gadgets such as the iPhone.
Conceptual innovation can spring anywhere.