How Did I Get Here?

Authentic. That’s how I’d describe Tony Hawk in one word. Recently, in an interview with Fast Company magazine about his new book titled How Did I Get Here?, here is what he had to say about authenticity:

Fast Company: You write a lot in your book about the challenges of working with corporate types. What’s been the toughest part?

Trying to convince bigger businesses and traditional companies that what we do can be done right and well without having to go through their cookie cutter. We want the creative freedom and the opportunity to do it our own way. Their mindset is still so old-school, even with social media. Last year and the year before, there have been companies that say, “Okay, we’ve got to buy airtime.” Guys, it’s not about airtime anymore. Even the whole viral thing is, to me, played out, because it’s clearly forced. It’s got to be real.

Fast Company: Authenticity is one of the themes that you keep coming back to.

The real problem is that some people put in charge of product development and marketing aren’t beholden to their products — it’s just their job. But passion really shines through, especially with all the information that’s out there now. (You can read the rest of the interview here.)

My parting suggestion #1: Taste Younique. Tony’s authenticity has served him well in all his achievements.

My parting suggestion #2: Effective word of mouth marketing generally stems from something authentic.