How can You know the truth?

This is long so feel free to skip it.

“There is a price to pay for speaking the truth. There is a bigger price for living a lie.”
Cornel West 

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“When it comes to marketing, how can I know the truth?”
How often is this question on your mind? I mean, you probably come across new marketing ideas, strategies, and tactics every day. The short answer to the question is: The truth needs to be experienced.

The second best answer to the same question in my opinion is to intuitively perceive truth by learning through experience of others. (Think Biomimicry.)  This is why I tell stories about people who have achieved success in marketing. Case in point: The story about how AirBed & Breakfast raised the first $25,000 for their startup via marketing.

They bought a bulk supply of generic cheerios and designed these limited edition cereal boxes to generate seed capital for their startup. The Obama O’s were sold at the Democratic Convention in Denver (where Obama was nominated in 2008).

My 2¢:
Need help with marketing?
Let’s take a quick step back. What makes great marketing?
The imagination of people, of course.
And the imagination of people is made from single building blocks called ideas.
It’s true: A good idea lies at the source of every innovation; every achievement.
This is why good ideas are the currency of the future.
And that’s why people want to invest in good ideas.
It’s no surprise, is it?
Once they invest in a good idea, they can stop spending and it will still have a life.
There’s isn’t a finality to it. There’s an ongoing story. Just like Obama O’s…