Have you noticed?

There is something beautiful about the great brands and companies.

You maybe a little surprised by that last statement, but let me remind you that one of the definitions for the term beautiful by the Oxford English Dictionary is: “Excelling in grace of form, charm of coloring … and other qualities which call for admiration …”

Upon hearing the word beautiful, it’s tempting to first think about beauty in terms of physical beauty.
But actually, there are many other things and qualities that we find beautiful, that we admire.

Think clarity; simplicity; ease of use; authenticity; consistency; commitment; trustworthiness.

Case in point: FedEx—is there beauty in its promise “When it Absolutely, Positively has to be there overnight”? Said differently, is there beauty in having peace of mind? Absolutely. There’s nothing shallow about the FedEx level of commitment and consistency. What FedEx stands for is essentially truly beautiful, and those are the main reasons why FedEx has been so successful.