“Has this person gotten over themselves?”

Such a simple question, but the answer speaks volumes, no?

The above question is one of the key questions the San Antonio Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, asks himself whenever he’s considering adding someone to the team (players, coaches, management, etc.).

He confirmed that in an interview about the book titled Forces of Character: Conversations About Building A Life Of Impact, in which he was one of the main characters.

Why should I care?

In short, because Popovich knows a thing or two about building successful teams. He’s been at the helm of the Spurs for almost twenty years, and in that time the Spurs won five NBA championships, and Popovic has won three Coach of the Year awards.

Over to you: Going forward, will you consider adding the ‘Has this person gotten over themselves?’ question to your interviews when considering a new team member or business partner?