Get open.

The NFL.

The NBA.

The English Premier League.

Those three are among the most-watched sports leagues in the world.

Billions of folks tune in every day to watch their favourite teams.

One of the most important things an athlete can do in the above leagues is to ‘get open.’

Because the progress in the game usually starts after someone gets open.

In the NFL, for example, the receiver is one of the most important positions.

Here’s what great receivers do: Get open, receive the pass, and run into the end zone.

Question: What can one of the important moves in the most-watched sports leagues teach us?

In sports, and in life, folks value, seek, and celebrate those who get open.

Listen, we get it.

It’s not always easy to get open to receive the things, the help, or the you-name-it.

And getting open is not the be all and end all.

But in order to receive, in order to progress, you first must get open.

Get open.