For those who are not selling a bright red Porsche 911

A bright red Porsche 911 convertible, for example, speaks—loudly and beautifully—for itself.
Very few services speak for themselves at all.

That’s not me talking. That’s Harry the Master of Simplicity Beckwith talking in his book Selling the Invisible.
I decided to write this post because my story titled Sometimes There Just Isn’t an App for That made some of the app developers I know quite unhappy. They did not like my suggestion to use advertising as a means of getting publicity for their apps.

Here’s what I told them: unlike a bright red Porsche, apps, just like many services, are not self-demonstratable to the public. To convey ideas and information to the general public, you need a tool. And that tool is advertising. Being the craftspeople that you are, you believe in tools, no?