Does your business/product/service look as great as it is?

Have you seen this TED talk yet? If not, please watch it.
Why? How much time do I have? Not much? OK, here’s a little taste of what Timothy said:

“So here’s an overhead warmer and a CPAP. They’re inexpensive, really rugged. They’ve treated 50,000 kids in Vietnam with this technology. But here’s the problem: Every doctor in the world, every hospital administrator, has seen TV — curse those “E.R.” reruns. Turns out they all know what a medical device is supposed to look like. They want Buck Rogers, they don’t want effective. It sounds crazy, it sounds dumb, but there are actually hospitals who would rather have no equipment than something that looks cheap and crummy (emphasis mine). So again, if we want people to trust a device, it has to look trustworthy.”

My 2¢:
Appearances matter.
If I had to summarize Timothy’s TED talk in one sentence it would be: Emotion is the mother of action.
Human beings tend to move when their emotions are moved.
Does your business/product/service look as great as it is?
The world may need many things but it primarily wants attractive things.