Do you smove?

For all my interviews with an author, I usually write a short intro that introduces the person to my readers.
Since Sam Parker is all about action, before I get straight to the interview, let me just say three quick things:
a. Sam Parker is an inspiring person and a co-founder of Give More Media Inc.
b. His enthusiasm is infectious and his ideas are actionable;
c. Sam’s books remind us that the most effective actions in the world are those within the reach of everyone.

Jenan: You and I have at least one thing in common: we both seem to believe that small changes can propel a person or an organization. Can you give us an example of a small but effective change from your book Smile & Move (this is Sam’s follow-up to his bestselling book 212° the extra degree®) that a person could implement right away?

Sam: Commit to being complainless right now… absolutely no complaints. They’re a ridiculous waste of time and energy and can negatively impact so many other things… our attitudes, obviously, but also our ability to remain objective and focused on solving problems. Complaints distract. On top of that, most of us aren’t even remotely entitled to complain given the opportunities we have.

Jenan: Your website, the covers of your books, your product mix—they all taste very Younique and tell a clear & authentic story. Said differently, you’ve got a package that’s hard to ignore. What can you tell us about the design of your brand?

Sam: Everything begins with attention. When we’re in design mode, we’re thinking “Never take their attention for granted.” This goes for the content too. Always capture attention as quickly as possible – clean, uncluttered – and then communicate with respect of the reader’s time. Our goal is to help people see and embrace the fact, as quickly as possible, that an engaged and accountable life is far more enjoyable.

Jenan: Some people are lucky to have been born with a psyche that naturally gravitates to things that are new or different. You strike me as such a person. What is one idea that you think is not on business leaders’ radar screens right now that should be?

Sam: I believe leaders should give more attention to cultivating an environment where stronger relationships between colleagues can develop. Imagine the positive impact of an office environment where people truly enjoy and value each other… where there’s more kindness, encouragement, and support and less eggshells, cynicism, and entitlement. This, of course, begins with better and deeper hiring but also in making sure people who shouldn’t be on the team, aren’t.

Thank you for your time Sam—all the best until next time!
Oct 3 2011

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