Do you employ a robot at home?

“I really can’t express how much I love this thing.”
That’s what a friend of mine told me a couple of years ago about one of those vacuum cleaning robots.
He went on and on about how it saves him time and gives him peace of mind.
I was intrigued by this idea, but since we have hardwood floors in our home, I did not investigate it further.

I am sharing this with you because last week I read something about Robomower® – a fully automatic mower for the home owner. I noticed it because of this headline: It mows. You don’t. Brilliant, isn’t it?

What do you think: when presented with new information, do most people first read it word by word? Do they read entire ads, pages, etc., whether online or offline? Of course not. So how do they navigate through content? Most people first scan or skim the content instead of really reading it. And what’s their preferred navigation tool? The headlines: people scan or skim the headlines until they find something that interests them. Just about right now your inner voice is confirming this to be true because you most likely do the same.

My 2¢: Your headline is the first and often only impression you make on a prospective reader.