Contagious: why things catch on

Just finished reading Contagious: why things catch on by Jonah Berger. There’s a ton of useful ideas in it, so don’t lend it to a friend—you’re unlikely to get it back. (Image via

In short, the book is all about word of mouth marketing, and why some products/services/ideas get word of mouth and others don’t. Among other things, Jonah offers an intersting reminder about why word od mouth is very effective form of marketing: because it is naturally directed toward an interested audience. Here’s a litte taste:

“We’re not going to tell a friend about a new pait of skis if we know the friend hates skiing. And we’re not going to tell a friend who doesn’t have kids about the best way to change a diaper. Word of mouth tends to reach people who are actually interested in the thing being discussed.

My 2¢: Go. Read Contagious.
April 13, 2013