Chase your reality.

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Were you surprised to hear that?

That’s not me talking.

That’s what the director of the movie Inception, Christopher Nolan, said during a speech he made to a graduating Princeton University class.

“I feel that over time, we started to view reality as the poor cousin to our dreams, in a sense….I want to make the case to you that our dreams, our virtual realities, these abstractions that we enjoy and surround ourselves with – they are subsets of reality.”

Over to you: How often do you chase your reality?

Are you happy with the quality of the attention-to-detail which your company gives to some of its fundamental functions?

For example, when was the last time you reviewed your marketing and asked, “Is this the best we can do?”

No matter how it looks at first, bad marketing is always a people problem.

And that problem can sink a business, because marketing is the brain of a business.

Your product/service is the heart of your business.

But the heart alone cannot keep a business alive.

Marketing is the brain of a business: if the brain fails, the heart will soon fail, too.

Are you happy with your marketing?

If not, who’s in charge of it?

Is it maybe your office manager? Is marketing what your office manager does best?

If yes, she/he is in the wrong business.

Sep 5, 2016