Jay-Z decoded?

A remarkable and consummate storyteller. That’s what I first thought about Jay-Z when I finished reading his new book titled Decoded. I highly recommend this book. Why? How much time do I have? Not much? Okay, because I believe that there’s a lot be learned from elite entrepreneurs. For example, how to nudge your story into every day conversations through the power of a narrative. Here’s a little taste:

With language, rappers have raided the dictionary and written in new entries to every definition—words with one or two meanings now have twelve. The same thing happens with brands—Cristal meant one thing, but hip-hop gave its definition some new entries. The same goes for other brands: Timberland and Courvoisier, Versace and Maybach. We gave those brands a narrative, which is one of the reasons anyone buys anything: to own not just a product, but to become part of a story.
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