Are You Making it Easy for People to Switch?

It’s true, sometimes, people simply won’t budge.
Even if what you’re offering is substantially better than the competition. For most people change is not welcome.
It causes stress.
It’s hard.
In short, because it’s unpredictable.

So what can you do about this?
Glad you asked.
A lot actually, but here are perhaps the top two things:

a. Make it super easy for people to take that first step.
Ask yourself:

  • How easy is it to do business with my/our business?
  • How soon will they see results?
  • Does it cost a lot to switch? (Both in terms of money and/or time.)
  • What if they’re not happy with the change?
  • What are their options?
    (Think—free shipping both ways if you decide to return an item.)

b. Leave room in your marketing plans for the concept of acceptance time.
Because people need time to accept ideas/things that are new or different.