Are you experiencing a marketing jet lag?

Jet lag is a feeling of tiredness and being out of place that’s said to arise when our body falls out of sync with the demands of our environment. While this is, of course, a simplified description of this condition; jet lag can put you at risk of fatigue and can create problems with judgment and overall well-being.

I am sure you’ve heard about jet lag before, but what about marketing jet lag? Probably not, because I coined the phrase only a few short years ago. Why did I do it? In short, to describe the problems caused by differences between people’s internal marketing clocks and the official marketing time clock that society follows at any given point in time. Here’s what happened: I met a person at a networking event a few days ago whose business card (for a brand new business as per their own admission) looked like it was designed in the early 1940s. Unintentionally.

My 2¢: Believe it or not, but subconsciously people are going to compare your marketing materials to the likes of Fortune 500 companies such as P&G, Target, etc.