A thirst for authenticity is actually a thirst for…

A story I recently wrote about Ernest Shackleton’s Hazardous Journey resonated with a lot of people.
Most readers wrote about the need for more of that kind of authenticity in today’s ads.
The question is then: what do we really thirst for when we thirst for authenticity?

My 2¢:
When we express a thirst for authenticity, we’re actually thirsty for something deeper: the sincere.
If you’d like to read more on the topic of sincerity, consider Sincerity by R. Jay Magill Jr. Here’s a little taste:

   “Timed right, sincerity can give rise to goosebumps and revolutions. Timed wrong, it can lead to uncomfortable silences and ruined careers… But for an individual person to have integrity and moral character—to exist as a being without wax, to feel that his or her inner life is a familiar and comfortable place—it is absolutely necessary.”