You are not alone

Steve Martin is a celebrated writer, actor, and performer (at the height of his career as a stand-up comic, Steve was the funniest man in America). But did you know that he invested 18 long years into studying and refining his craft before finally succeeding? He tells us all about his journey in his remarkable book titled Born Standing Up. I just finished reading it, and let me tell you about the top three things I was most impressed with: 

1. Steve’s tenacity (truly remarkable)
2. The feeling of intimacy and candor Steve gives the reader
3. Steve’s concise yet evocative writing style

To illustrate the last point, here’s a little taste:
“Her name was Melissa, but her friends called her Mitzi. She was twenty years old, with a Katherine Hepburn beauty and similarly willowy frame.
She was intelligent, energetic, and lit from inside.”
_ _ _

Steve’s book is full of pleasant surprises, and I could go on for another paragraph or two telling you about them. Instead, let me wrap this up with Steve’s subtle yet insightful observation about the art of self-promotion:

“There was a belief that one appearance on The Tonight Show made you a star. But here are the facts. The first time you do the show, nothing. The second time you do the show, nothing. The sixth time you do the show, someone might  come up to you and say, ‘Hi, I think we met at Harry’s Christmas part.’ The tenth time you do the show, you could conceivably be remembered as being seen somewhere on television. The twelfth time you do the show, you might hear, ‘Oh, I know you. You’re that guy.’ But I did not know that.”
_ _ _

My 2¢: I am no Steve Martin, but in my ebook Brand Journalism I basically talk about the same thing: It’s your job to create a constant stream of opportunities for your target audience to experience your brand. I went on to outline the top three reasons why you must do this constantly, but for now here’s just the first one: Repetition is a convincing argument. No matter how acute an experience, our memory of it fades over time. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, just ask Steve Martin.