Words can be a barrier to communication

Yes, you—please pick a few industries and wander around their websites for a few moments.

Chances are, you’ll see a lot of words. Everywhere.
Especially words such as engagement, commitment, vision, benchmark…
We can taste words.
The point I’m about to make may not be popular.
It may not win me friends.
But I must make it: most corporate websites, brochures, etc, don’t taste very good.
And that’s why I say that words can be a barrier to communication.
(I sometimes wonder if people who insist on using those words speak at home as they do at work.)

My 2¢:
So, what kinds of words are the most powerful?
Simple words are the most powerful.
Even the best educated people enjoy simple words.
Not to mention, simple words are the only words many people understand.

One of my specialties is copywriting. (Offline, online… what line?)
Why is copywriting one of the most essential ingredients of any marketing project?
Because copywriting sits at the intersection where business meets real people.

Consider this scenario: You are running a small web design shop. You find out that a small, family owned and very traditional life insurance broker is interested in having a website. What would you tell them?
How would you concisely promise them a benefit early in the process? How about this:
Your new website will be your smile and your hand shake on the Internet.

Please remember that the icing is not the cake, and that the icing does not make the cake.
Said differently, copywriting is just the icing—your product and/or service must be the cake.
But when the two come together, you’ve got a beautiful package that’s hard to ignore.