Word of Mouth Marketing 101: Surprise Gets People Talking

Via PDA 247

“How many invoices do you receive with a free Dinosaur and a line that says “1 Rawwwwwr! $.00 each.”? It offers an indication of what the company is like and instead of $40.00 the total comes to “$40.00 dollaroos!”

That’s what a Photojojo customer recently said about the invoice he received from the company. (Yes—the invoice!) What’s Photojojo? It’s an online store for “only the Most Awesome Photo Gifts and Gear for Photographers.”

Via Photojojo

My 2¢:
A single moment of positive surprise amplifies our emotions and creates a strong imprint on our memory.
We humans love theories, but this article is about practice:
Taste Younique. Be like Photojojo. Give people something to talk about.
And don’t forget: Emotion is the mother of action.
Want big results? Think small. How small? As small as the design of your invoice.