Word of Mouth Marketing 101: Surprise Gets People Talking

Shortly after I published the post titled The $100 startup: a comprehensive plan for freedom, I received an email from a reader in Finland. In short, the reader asked me to cite a quick story from Chris’ new book about a simple yet successful marketing idea that was propelled by resourcefulness rather than resources.
I took the challenge. Introducing: the Mattress Lot in Portland, Oregon.

As Chris notes the $100 startup: a comprehensive plan for freedom, if you come in on a bike to the store, the Mattress Lot will give you free mattress delivery + they’ll actually deliver it to your home by bike! This creative move was the industry’s first and it immediately inspired loyalty and a number of fan videos uploaded to YouTube (see above).

My 2¢:
The best promoter of your business is your customer.
If you delight or fascinate that person, he’ll walk right out of the door and sell for you.