Why is Hyundai’s premium sedan, the Equus, a tough sell?

The folks at cars.com recently reported that, “Hyundai’s premium sedan, the Equus, thus far proves you can lead a luxury buyer to a non-luxury brand, but you can’t make them drink the Kool-Aid as it continues to be overwhelmingly outsold by top competitors.”

My 2¢: most people are searching for a way to move towards Betterville and away from Discomfortville. You are one of them, right? Ok, so people are looking — searching. What are they searching for? They want better-paying jobs; they want to look better; they want to feel more attractive to others; they want to live longer; etc. In other words, their main ambition is to attain more success, more happiness, more beauty. Can anyone tell me: How does the Equus move people towards Betterville and away from Discomfortville?

Dec 11, 2013