Why I returned my iPad

“A little more than a week after buying the iPad, I returned it to Apple.”

That is how Peter Bregman begins his short post about his experience with the iPad. Who’s Peter Bregman? He is the CEO of Bregman Partners, Inc., a global management consulting firm, and the author of Point B: A Short Guide To Leading a Big Change. But that is not why I decided to share his short story with you. Here’s why I did it:

To demonstrate the power of an attractive headline.

Did you know that a story that begins with an attractive headline will almost always immediately draw you in? You are not alone. Most people feel the same.
The real question is: Would you like to add instant magnetism to your own stories?

(Click here to read the rest of Peter’s post.)

P.S. By focusing your attention on the power of an attractive headline in this post, my intention was not to suggest in any way that the rest of Peter’s post was less insightful – just the opposite.