Why creativity is economic priority number one

Are you focused on building long-lasting engagement with your target audience?
You see, no matter how acute an experience, our memory of it fades over time.
One way to prolong the “shelf life” of your product or service in the memory of your target audience is to associate it with an idea. And the bigger the idea, the better. Would you like to see an example of this approach? Here it is:

Yes, I can hear you saying that almost all insurance companies let you name your own price. Here is how: if you want $100,000 of insurance you pay the appropriate premium. If you want to spend less and buy just $50,000 worth of coverage, you just say so and pay the appropriate premium. But Progressive Insurance now practically owns the “name your own price for insurance” idea. And this is very appealing to today’s consumers. Why? It’s simple: because modern consumers expect products and/or services to be distinctive. For example, magical—think iPad; sexy—think Victoria’s Secret; or funny—think Mail Chimp.

My 2¢: Taste Younique. People will talk.