What’s the best asset a person could have?

When asked what is the best asset a person could have, Albert Lasker, the famous advertising genius, replied: “Humility in the presence of a good idea.”

My 2¢: Running out of firewood for your creative fireplace?
This book by Earl Nightingale* makes for an excellent fire starter. Here’s a little taste:

We learn from reading Ortega that we are the only creatures on the planet who are born to a natural state of disorientation with our world. All other newborn creatures are at home in their new world. Controlled entirely by instinct and reacting automatically to whatever stimuli affect them, they never have to ask, “What will I do?” Why was this preplanned state denied to us? We are the only creatures with the power to create our own worlds within the world in which we find ourselves. It’s an awesome power indeed. That’s why ideas are the greatest things on earth, for it is ideas that shape our lives.
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P.S. You can find some of Earl’s quotes here.