What’s in the name?

The Edwards Schools of Business featured my article about them on their facebook page yesterday.
As a result, I received a number of questions from the first-time readers about the origin of the name sneezr.
OK, so here’s the short answer about the name sneezr:
Sneezing is usually a vivid experience—your whole self gets involved.
And something usually makes us sneeze, right?

Now think about word of mouth marketing for a moment (WOM).
(Or as I like to call it: the art of cultivating recommendations.)
Something usually trigers WOM and that something is usually intentionally cultivated.
But how? How much time do we have? Not much? OK. In short, through design—think MINI, Apple; through easy of use—think GoogleAmazon.com, through remarkable customer service—think Zappos, Rackspace.

The key takeaway is that word of mouth marketing can be intentionally cultivated.
Yet, interestingly, often when we recommend someone or something, we feel that we do it completely voluntarily. Your idea, your business, your product, etc., will spread faster if people are sneezing about it :-) .