What can Simon Sinek teach us about marketing

Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? These are some of the core ideas Simon Sinek writes about in his insightful and helpful book titled START WITH WHY. (I highly recommend it.) Here is a little taste:

“Apple’s clarity, discipline and consistency–their ability to build a megaphone, not a company, that is clear and loud–is what has given them the ability to command such loyalty… The reason I use Apple so extensively throughout this book is that Apple is so disciplined in HOW they do things and so consistent in WHAT they do that, love them or hate them, we all have a sense of their WHY. We know what they believe.

Most of us didn’t read books about them. We don’t personally know Steve Jobs. We haven’t spent time roaming the halls of Apple’s headquarters to get to know their culture. The clarity we have for what Apple believes comes from one place and one place only: Apple… Apple has a clear and loud megaphone and is exceptionally good at communicating its story.”

My parting suggestion: Please re-read the last two sentences of the above post.