What can Dr. Brendan teach us about business

It’s true, sometimes, people simply won’t budge.
Even if what you’re offering is substantially better than the competition.
For most people change is not welcome—it causes stress.
In short, because it’s unpredictable.

So what can you do about this?
Glad you asked.
A lot actually, but here’s one quick suggestion: Make it super easy for people to take that first step.
Here’s how to get there—just ask yourself these questions:
—How easy is it to do business with my/our business?
—How soon will they see results?
—Does it cost a lot to switch? (Both in terms of money and/or time.)
—What if they’re not happy with the change—what are their options?

Image via Dr. Brendan

Meet a business that does this extremely well: Dr. BrendaniPhone and Macbook repair shop in NYC.

Dr. Brendan literally lives the “every screen is the word of mouth machine” mantra.
You see, while Dr. Brendan is able to repair your iPhone for a fraction of what Apple charges, Dr. Brendan understands that is often not enough of an incentive for someone to consider his offering.

To overcome this challenge, Dr. Brendan makes it super easy for people in New York to engage with the service—it offers house calls. But that’s not all—Dr. Brendan’s aims to provide each client with an experience that exceeds their expectations. A quick taste: if Dr. Brendan screws up your iPhone while repairing it, they will replace it.

My 2¢:
Be like Dr. Brendan.
Word of mouth is generated by surprise and delight.
You win because you dramatically exceed expectations.