What can baldness teach us about business

Image via NTYIMES.com. Clockwise from top left, the actor Jason Statham; the surfer Kelly Slater; Chris Daughtry; Andre Agassi; Pitbull; Michael Jordan.

Just read an interesting article on NYTIMES.com by Daniel Jones titled: Making the most of Nothing.
Here’s a little taste:
“Although I am married with no plans to be single, I recently signed up for several online dating sites as research for a book I am writing. The process was fun until I saw a question asking me to describe my hair. I didn’t want to check the “bald” box. I wanted to say I had a shaved head. But a “shaved head” wasn’t a choice. (What? No write-ins?) So I sighed and checked bald, no doubt setting off an instant downgrade of my profile. I noticed that several women listed “bald” as a trait they hoped to avoid. A few even called it a ‘deal-breaker.'”
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My 2¢:
What’s hair got to do with person’s true character?
Hair is… hair. It doesn’t define the person’s character, intelligence, etc.
But wait, why am I sharing this with you? Fair question. How much time do I have? Not much? Ok.
Emotion is the mother of action.
In life and in business, rationality alone will not save you.
Human beings tend to move when their emotions are moved. It’s easy to forget that.