Were you raised to be Ordinary?

Shortly after I published my post titled What is now proved was once only imagined, I received an email from Poland. In short, the reader told me that he was going to get the book right away simply because he could not believe that an obscure Austrian curtain rod manufacturer designed and manufactured perhaps the most popular firearm in the last 3o years.

This reader’s message made me think:
Why is it so hard to believe that the so called every day person can ignite extraordinary success?

My 2¢:
Most of us are born and raised to be ordinary.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being ordinary.
But you know that you have the ability to be extraordinary, right?
Nowadays it’s easier than ever to ignite something extraordinary.
But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a little taste from a recent article titled “Abundance” from Forbes magazine:

“In Africa today a Masai warrior on a cellphone has better mobile communications than the President did 25 years ago; if he’s on a smartphone with Google, he has access to more information than the President did just 15 years ago, with a feast of standard: watch, stereo, camera, videocamera, voice recorder, GPS tracker, video teleconferencing equipment, a vast library of books, films, games, music. Just 20 years ago these same goods and services would have cost over $1 million.”

We can be what we imagine ourselves to be. Especially nowadays. It’s easy to forget that.