Want people to care about your business?

What gets attention grows.
When people are not pay attention to something, it usually slowly fades away and is eventually lost for good.

Want people to care about your business?
Not sure where to start? Say hello to my new ebook titled An Invitation to Care.
Heads up: it’s a tiny book, 11 pages + a bonus chapter. Why is that the case? Fair question.
Two simple reasons:

a. As an experienced person, you know that tiny can pack a serious punch. Think chili peppers, bikinis, and diamonds, of course.

b. It’s designed to give you a new, fat-free word-for-word set of suggestions and examples on how to articulate and share your purpose compellingly. You can think of it as a roadmap to a new mindset for relating to others that can take your business from ordinary to slightly famous. Click here for a quick peek or here to buy a copy.

July 23, 2012