Shoes are optional in the digital world, right?

Just wanted to give you all a heads up: I’ll be having an interview in the near future with best-selling author Erik Qualman about his new book titled DIGITAL LEADER. (As you may remember, I had an interview with Erik last year about his book Socialnomics.)

While Erik’s new book touches on social media, it’s really not a social media book per se. The book is an easy read and is full of useful tips about how you can have a lead role in what your digital footprint looks like (it turns out that there are shoes in the digital world after all). Having said that, my first, and lasting, impression is that this book belongs in the “self help” section of the bookstore every bit as much as it does in the business section.

Please note: Don’t be fooled by the title. The book is not directed solely at those whose professional titles may imply that they are “leaders” of an organization. This book is applicable to EVERYONE wanting to lead a more productive and satisfying life in this day and age.