One good lead on finding the right words

Unique. Hilarious. Touching.
That’s what I think about the movie The Trip. I enjoyed watching it. A lot.
In it, two middle-aged British men, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, drive around in a Range Rover from one restaurant to the next in the North of England. Why? Because, we are told, they are sampling food for a magazine article.

For me, one of the most hilarious scenes in the film was a lengthy bit in which Coogan, apparently feeling inspired by the countryside, states his long-held desire to star in a traditional costume drama. He then suddenly proceeds to impersonate a medieval knight-like person by yelling out: “Gentlemen, to bed, for we leave at first light!”
Then, and this is BIG, Steve reminds us:
“It’s never, ‘Gentlemen, to bed, for we leave at nine-thirty.'”

My 2¢: Both in art and in life, finding the right words is a challenge.
But we do have one good lead:
The good ones tend to change our mood—not our mind.