One for the “too long, didn’t read crowd”

A few days ago I had an interesting meeting with a software developer. He told me that he had been reading some of the stuff I write for a while, and that he generally found my suggestions useful. I thanked him for his kind comments and asked him if he had any other feedback for me. At first he hesitated a bit, but then he said that it would be nice if I could occasionally “throw in” some posts about word of mouth marketing specifically for the too long, didn’t read crowd. Fair comment, I thought. Here’s one post specifically designed for the too long, didn’t read crowd:

A simple two-step formula for generating effective word of mouth:
1. Keep your service promise, i.e. do what you say you are going to do.
2. Then and only then delight your clients by exceeding their expectations a bit.

Need an example? Of course you do! So here’s one.
I expected a clean room; a comfortable bed; friendly service; free WiFi; etc.
And I got all of that. But I did not expect this.
And that’s why I told all of my friends and readers about that place.