Some allies are more 🔥 than others.

Did you ever have a pet goldfish? They’re inexpensive & available almost everywhere. But are they a 🔥 ally?

Sure, a goldfish won’t ever wake you up early on a weekend morning. But will it make you laugh? Or acknowledge you? See, you’re welcome to talk to a goldfish, wave at it as you pass the bowl, smile at it, etc. But it usually won’t reciprocate interest, affection, or love.

But if instead of a goldfish you have a dog… Now, there’s an ally that will make you laugh. That alone is a HUGE deal, right? Yet the list of benefits that comes from having a dog for an ally doesn’t stop there. Here’s another: a dog can help you meet folks and make friends. Just take any dog for a walk or to a coffee shop and see what kind of a magnet it is for human interactions.

So, some allies are more 🔥 than others. Sure, the above is a simple tale. But it’s likely to stick with you, as it reminds you that the key to developing an ally relationship is not primarily dependent on the level of affection and love you deliver to the other side. More often than not, the key is who you’re delivering the affection and love to, isn’t it?