Jerry Seinfeld’s secret.


A. He crafts great stories people can step into.
B. He seems to prefer long-term thinking to flavor-of-the-month thinking.
C. When he takes on a project, he does not seem to be thinking Mac or PC, Facebook or twitter, etc. When he takes on a project, he seems to be thinking a small table for two.

Case in point: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, aka one of the most successful web series ever. It came out of nowhere, it offered great stories, and initially was only watched by a very small audience. (If you haven’t yet seen an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the show is a web series in which Jerry Seinfeld picks up various  comedians and they do exactly as the title suggests. Sony’s digital-only channel, Crackle, and the car maker, Acura, have signed the series for 3 more seasons.)

Let’s wrap this up. Jerry Seinfeld crafts great stories people can step into, prefers long-term-thinking to flavor-of-the-month thinking, and seems to be thinking a small table for two. What’s your secret to connecting with people?