How Image Becomes Icon

Is there a magic formula?
In Christ to Coke: How Image Becomes Icon, Martin Kemp made an attempt to answer that question by taking a look at images that have achieved the highest level of iconic status in art, politics, the business world, etc.

The book is an interesting read. I was not surprised to discover that:

a. Design matters.
For instance, the old USSR flag was memorable because it was graphically simple and well designed. But would you recognize the current Russian flag?
Design creates visibility—being a powerful state is simply not enough.

b. Simplicity matters.
Simplicity is not about less effort. Simplicity is all about the right effort.

My 2¢:
I decided to share the above article with you for two reasons:
1. To remind you that good ideas do not have to be new ideas.
2. To share with you my to-date favourite definition of creativity: Creativity is the best use of the obvious.