How good is your parallel parking?

Parallel parking is not easy. Parallel parking is not fun. Most people dread it.
But please remember: if you’re struggling to get the hang of how to parallel park, that does not mean that your car is no good.

If you are struggling at all in your entrepreneurial journey, ask yourself whether you have really applied yourself to doing the business side of things.
Your work may be fine.
You work may be worth more than you realize.
But how are you telling the world about your work?
Are you good at explaining to people what they’ll get from you?
Or how you will help them? Are you direct about that? If no, why not?
I mean, do you have money to be hip?
So be direct. Tell people clearly and succinctly why should they buy from you.
Accept that you are selling.

Sorry if you are already doing this, but for a lot of people that part is kind of like parallel parking: it is the least enjoyable bit. Which is why a lot of people dread it. And that is why they avoid doing it. But just like with the parallel parking, the idea is to get to the point where you are successful slightly more often than not.