How does UNI QLO offer the product we can’t stop buying?

UNI QLO offers the product we can’t stop buying. And what’s that product? It’s a good experience.
How do they do it? The long and short of it is, by micromanaging every detail of their business.

My 2¢: Wanna give more joy to your audience/customers? “Of course, but how?” Some claim that there are many paths to that summit. Don’t believe them. The path is much, much simpler. Practical, too. Ask yourself: What’s the fundamental building block of a good experience? Do you see it yet? A good experience is made from simple building blocks called good moments. Giving more joy to your audience/customers = giving them a good customer experience = creating good moments across all customer touch points.

Most people, deep, deep down, long for one thing and one thing only: To stop time. And only during good moments people feel like they’re succeeding at doing it. It’s true, a good moment feels like a ride onboard a lifeboat to eternity.