How do you walk your Elephant?

(Photo by David Blackwell)

What are you selling?

Consider Rolex—a Swiss watchmaking manufacturer and the largest single luxury watch brand in the world.
This may come as a surprise, but Rolex doesn’t sell the time. So what does it sell?
Here’s a couple of suggestions:
a. Minimally, Rolex = a piece of Swiss made jewellery;
b. Maximally, Rolex = an unmistakable authentication of the buyer’s success and status.

Either way, a lot of people find what Rolex sells useful.
“How does this relate to my business?” Is that what you’re thinking right now?
Let me answer it by asking you two simple questions:
1. Do you know why do people do business with you?
2. If “NO”, then how do you plan to go about attracting more customers?