How do you measure the value of a candle?

Image via Recycled Light Company

What do you think about the above oil candle-like lamp? (More info about it here.)
Perhaps more interesting question is: why do candles and candle-like lamps still survive, and apparently thrive, in our modern world?

It’s simple: because they provide to us some very important emotional benefits.
They symbolize  the onset of all kinds of holidays and traditions; they are used to display joy, intimacy, self-pampering, status, sorrow and/or compassion, etc.

My 2¢:
What emotional benefit(s) does your product/service provide to your target audience?
What basic human need(s) does it serve?
You see, it’s tempting to think that because our tools have become more advanced, we are more advanced.
But the truth is: the technology of the soul has not changed for a long time. It’s easy to forget that.