Got any sawdust for sale?

“When you make something, you always make something else.
You can’t make just one thing. Everything has a by-product.
Observant and creative business minds spot these by-products and see opportunities.
The lumber industry sells what used to be waste—sawdust, chips, and shredded wood—for a pretty profit. You’ll find these by-products in synthetic fireplace logs, concrete, ice strengtheners, mulch, particleboard, fuel, and more.”

That’s not me taking. That’s Jason Fried and David Hansson talking in their best-selling book titled Rework.
You can find a lot of examples of companies that are selling “sawdust,” if you bother to look around of course. Here’s one WSJ Online recently pointed out: Ocean Spray Cranberries‘ Inc. CEO Randy Papadellis has, apparently, successfully turned an overlooked commodity, leftover cranberry skins, into a consumer snack Craisins.

Image via Ocean Spray Cranberries

My 2¢: Got any sawdust for sale? No? Are you sure?