Got 5 minutes to hear some business-building ideas?

You know that at any given moment a lot of people are all ears, right? You‘re one of them, no?

Okay, so people are looking—searching. What are they searching for? “Who knows, all kinds of things,” you may be thinking right now. My 2¢: That’s the easy way out. Not a quality kind of easy, mind you, but a cheap kind of easy. It’s tempting to rush to the conclusion that it’s hard to figure out what people want and then proceed to throw your hands up in the air feeling overwhelmed.

Allow me to offer you a simpler perspective: Essentially, most people are searching for a way to move towards Betterville and away from Discomfortville. (And they’d like to start the journey yesterday.)

Question: How does whatever it is that you sell move people towards Betterville and away from Discomfortville? It’s okay if you’re feeling unsure about how to answer this question.

May 21, 2013