Does your business need a ta-da website?

“Wait, what’s a ‘ta-da website?'”
A website that’s super simple and easy to use.

“How easy?”
As easy as breathing.

“Why would I want a ta-da website?”

  1. Because they are practical. People are busy; there’s no time for a slow build-up.
  2. Because, oftentimes, simplicity is the most surprising and effective tool you can use in business.
  3. Because ta-da websites work well for our clients whose offers are so-called ‘destination offers.’ Think: Car rental agency, financial/insurance brokers, carpet cleaning companies, etc. Any brand, really, where shoppers know what they want or need. In those cases, we create ta-da websites to make sure nothing gets in the way of shoppers simply completing their shopping.

“So, how do you pack a lot of content into a ta-da website?”

You don’t. That’s the first lesson of ta-da website design. Don’t think of a ta-da website as a treasure chest. Think of it as a key that opens doors.

// Wanna see a ta-da website that incorporated my 2ยข into its design? Visit //

Your digital welcome mat, hopefully, extends beyond just your website. So, if you have a lot of meaningful content to share, consider using Facebook, Instagram, and having a dedicated FAQ site.

The future of ta-da websites

Ta-da websites are not the be-all and end-all of websites. However, for many businesses, they come close. If you’re a media company such as the Globe and Mail, the NY Times, or an ecommerce giant such as or Zappos, then a ta-da website is not for you.