Do you ship your story compellingly?

Shortly after I published the post titled Do you need more resources or to be more resourceful?, I received an email from a reader in Brazil. In short, the reader challenged me to cite a recent example of either a successful marketing idea, a businesses or a product/service, which was propelled by resourcefulness rather than resources. I took the challenge.

Say hello to: AArrow Advertising, the world’s largest guerilla marketing franchise & home of the World Famous AArrow Sign Spinners.

My 2¢: Resourcefulness is an engine of difference.

By the way, the entrepreneurs who usually contact me don’t have $10M of investors funds sitting in their bank accounts. They are the kind of people who are unable or unwilling to relocate to the handful of startup hot-hubs in the world (think Silicon Valley). There’s nothing wrong with pursuing venture funding; moving to the Silicon Valley and/or attempting to grow fast like Twitter or Facebook. But in my experience most people are simply not in a position to pursue that kind of path.