Do you deliver what you promise? Be honest.

A few days ago I received an email from a reader I’d never interacted with before.
This person had a question for me, one of those ‘just browsing’ kind of questions.
But what the person was really saying was: “Can you help me out?”

“Wait, how can you be so sure about that?” Is that what you’re thinking right now? If yes, the answer is simple: ALL human beings are actually quite special. Whenever we choose to ‘tune-in’ (it’s not that hard, really), whenever we decide to really pay attention, we can easily feel other people’s intentions.

Moving on, I did my part and offered my 2¢. My suggestion did not come with any strings attached, but it was nice to hear that the person on the other side promised to follow through with it. Guess what happened next. Nothing. How can I be sure? Let’s just say I know.

My 2¢: What was, still is. Want to be remarkable? Deliver what you promise.