Delivering a Younique story isn’t easy but it’s worth it

Can you give me an example of a bluechip company that’s trying to deliver a Younique story?, asked a reader from Norway, following my article titled” What kind of soap would Steve McQueen use?“. To that, I responded with: How much time do I have? Not much? Okay, here’s one:

My 2¢:
One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face in growing their businesses is this: they fail to appreciate the importance of telling their story well. And if purposeful storytelling is not your strong suit, why wouldn’t you hire a professional to help you articulate your story?

If brands such as Toyota take these things seriously, how can you afford not to?
Please remember that the icing is not the cake, and the icing does not make the cake.
Said differently, your story is just the icing. Your product and/or service must be the cake.
But when the two come together, you’ve got a beautiful package that’s hard to ignore.