Can a great offer be summed up into a single sentence?

Shortly after I published the post titled When do you add marketing?, I received an email from a reader in Montreal asking me to cite an example of a business that added marketing to its ‘dish’ early on. Here’s one: UberConference — audio conferencing done right.

Here’s one more: Coffee Joulies — Your coffee, just right.

How can you be creative?
Ask “What would people love?”
More often than not, people will respond well to offers that can be summed up into just one sentence.
Yep, a single sentence.
But don’t take my word for it. To paraphrase Paul Graham (a partner at Y Combinator):
Simple solutions to overlooked problems that actually need to be solved delivered as informally as possible.

My 2¢: Simplicity is not about less effort. Simplicity is all about the right effort. It’s easy to forget that.