Do you have a bonus commute route?

We’re never quite where we actually are.

(Are you nodding right now?)

It’s sad that we’re never quite where we are, in large part because our mind loves having a steady diet of moments when it’s relaxed and when it’s not being asked to deliver any ‘breakthroughs.’

Listen, I get it: feeding the mind a regular diet of relaxed moments is tough.

But it’s not an entirely lost cause because there are some simple things you can do to make things better for yourself. Don’t worry: I’m not going to ask you to repeat a secret mantra or download a new app.

Instead, I’ll ask you the question from the beginning of today’s story: Do you have a bonus commute route?

You see, the car is one place where even the minds of serious go-getters like you can relax. (This often happens unintentionally, but who cares?)

Because you’re often alone in your car, and because most of your actions are on autopilot, your mind tends to relax. Even for a few brief moments. And in those moments, you can feel it bloom.

Takeaway: If you don’t have a bonus commute yet (even a short one will do), should you invent one?

Feb 9, 2018