Simple Changes Can Propel You

An inspiring book. Can anyone make a leap to surprising new heights of career and/or business success? In short, yes. This is just one of the core suggestions Rick Smith writes about in his insightful and helpful book titled The Leap. In it, unexpectedly, I also found this little gem:

In his book The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth, Fred Reichheld, director emeritus of the global consulting giant Bain & Co., makes a compelling case that the simpler business metrics are, the easier they are to grasp and translate into useful activity. Rather than measure customer satisfaction by long, involved surveys that can take up 30 minutes and more to complete–Reichheld advocates reducing the metric to a single “ultimate” question, rated on a one-to-ten scale: “Would you recommend us to a friend?”

My parting suggestion #1: The best promoter of your business is your customer. But don’t take my word for it. Just ask Fred Reichheld.

My parting suggestion #2: Word of mouth marketing is indeed the most effective kind of marketing.

My parting suggestion #3: Do you know why do people do business with you? If “NO”, then why exactly would someone refer you?