What kind of marketing is the most effective?

sneezr.ca Have you ever asked yourself that question? I did. In fact, many years ago I spent countless hours trying to figure it out.
The answer turned out to be quite simple: word of mouth marketing. Or as I call it: the art of cultivating recommendations.

Surprised? Probably not. With recommendations, there is no sales pressure and no credibility issues. When your friends, family members or trusted co-workers recommend something or someone to you, they are genuinely trying to help you. That means a lot, which is why you usually remember it for a long time. But here is the catch: recommendations must be earned. How do you do that? Where do you start? How do you give people a reason to talk about your products/services? How do you nudge your story into every day conversations? I launched sneezr.ca to help you answer those questions.

What can Lima Sky teach us about business

“I’ve got a simplistic way of looking at success in business. I believe all major corporate problems stem from inadequate revenue.” That’s not me talking. That’s Jon Spoelstra talking in his book “Marketing Outrageously.” I highly recommend it not only because in it Jon talks about how to increase revenue through marketing, but also because he backs up his claims with many real life examples. (I wrote about Jon in my book “How Apple Turns Art into Profit.”) Why am I sharing this with you and what’s it got to do with Lima Sky?

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What can a Bosnian hotel teach us about marketing

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a long name for a small European country (in terms of its land size and its total population – approx. 4 million people). Unlike Sweden (see here), Bosnia & Herzegovina is unfortunately not generally perceived as one of the most forward-thinking, sensible countries on the planet. (Send me an email if you disagree.) It’s true, the list of challenges, both real and perceived, its people are trying to overcome is long and you have probably heard about most of them. But don’t take my word for it, just check out the country’s official tourism website FAQ section.

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What can a Swedish hotel teach us about marketing

Sweden is a small country if we consider its total population (approx. 9 million people), yet it has a clear and attractive place that vividly distinguishes it from other countries. For example, I feel that Sweden is one of the most fashionable, green, forward-thinking and generally most sensible countries on the planet. But why do I have such a high opinion of Sweden? I’ve never been to Sweden. I am planning to visit it soon however. So why is that Sweden has such a great reputation? (Send me an email if you disagree.)

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What can Jose Mourinho teach us about business

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. (Soccer is called football in some countries.) You probably knew that already. But can you name the most successful soccer/football club of the 20th century? The answer is: Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (Royal Madrid Football Club), commonly known as Real Madrid (and in Spain’s soccer/football circles simply as el Madrid or el Real). Real Madrid was voted by FIFA (the official site of the international governing body of football with news, national associations, competitions, results, etc.) as the most successful club of the 20th century. I didn’t want to list all of their records here for two reasons: 1. This post is really not about Real Madrid (you can visit their website for details); 2. It’s a long list :-).

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What can Dick Fosbury teach us about business

A flop

A short story by Paul Arden (from his book titled Whatever you think, think the opposite)

“Until the Mexico Olympics of 1968 the customary way for a high jumper to cross the bar was with his body parallel to it, in a technique known as the Western Roll. But that was about to change.

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What can George Clooney teach us about business

In the movie Up in the Air (I highly recommend it), in addition to his day job, George Clooney’s character is a motivational speaker that often gives a talk called, “What’s In Your Backpack?” He talks about how each of us is carrying around a metaphorical backpack that contains all of our possessions and commitments. With time, our backpacks get heavier and heavier until they are so filled with “stuff” that it is nearly impossible to move.

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What can Tony Hsieh teach us about business

“How can I know the truth?” When it comes to marketing, how often is this question on your mind? I mean, you probably come across new marketing ideas, strategies and tactics every day. The short answer to the question with which I opened this post is: The truth needs to be experienced. The second best answer to the same question in my opinion is to intuitively perceive truth by learning through experience of others. (A concept similar to Biomimicry* – see below.)  This is why I tell stories about people who have achieved success in marketing.

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What can Yann Martel teach us about marketing

I recently finished reading Yann Martel’s latest novel titled Beatrice & Virgil. (For those less familiar with Martel’s work, he is the award-winning author of four previous books. His second novel, Life of Pi, won the 2002 Man Booker, among other prizes. He lives in Saskatoon.)

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Delivering happiness via word of mouth

One of the websites I often visit is techcrunch.com. The website was founded back in 2005 as a weblog dedicated to obsessively reviewing new Internet products/companies, but they also profile existing companies that are making an impact (commercial and/or cultural) on the new web space.

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